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Welcome to Oprichniki!
In case you have been wondering the meaning of our guild name, the Oprichniki were in charge of the suppression of internal enemies of Ivan the Terrible, the Tsar of Russia in the mid 1500's. They dressed in black garb, and they rode black horses in order to inspire greater terror.

For us, it's just a cool guild name.

Your Guild Master is Nenyel.

Please fill out an application and add your toons to this site so others can see who's with us. We'll try and keep this site updated by adding stuff you want to see.

If you wish to contribute to our Ventrilo server, follow this link:

Feel free to browse, give shouts, make suggestions, or even volunteer to update content!
Murph / Aug 22, 2014

The next chapter in the World of Warcraft saga will arrive in November! This means that our guild will undergo a transformation that is normal for all guilds at the beginning of a new expansion!You can expect to see higher guild activity, a chang... Read More

Murph / Jul 06, 2014

Blizzard has quite the portfolio of games, and our guildies like to play many of them!We wanted to open up this site for ALL Blizz content games...WoW, Diablo, Starcraft, Hearthstone, and any upcoming releases that Blizzard cares to throw our way.... Read More

Murph / Dec 06, 2013

Sorry for any downtime you experienced in Vent. My credit card number changed, and I forgot to update the number on our Vent account. It's done - so you should be able to talk again!

Murph / Nov 13, 2013

Hey everyone,We've had a few hacks where people's toons were hacked in to, and in the process our Guild Bank was robbed of most of our valuables. Thankfully, Blizzard has been able to sort it out for both the hacked accounts and the guild, and ev... Read More